Meet Victoria Ramos the founder and baker of Sweets by Victoria, a San Diego online based vegan bakery. For as long as she can remember Victoria has loved baking, and has always been baking in the kitchen with her grandma and mom especially during the holidays.

By high school, Victoria had already made the decision that she wanted to be a baker and one day have her own bakery. 

She has always loved baking cookies, cupcakes, brownies, etc. for her family and friends. To her, there is nothing better than making others happy with her delicious creations. She began her culinary journey early on enrolling in baking classes during her senior year of high school and continuing her education in culinary arts throughout college, graduating with an Associate Science Degree in Culinary Arts. During her journey, Victoria became more health conscious leading her down a plant based path. Her business began to reflect her evolving gravitation towards healthy ingredients making Sweets by Victoria a 100% vegan bakery. Quality Ingredients play a major role in her personal life and her baking style. All the ingredients she uses are always non-gmo, soy free, and as organic as possible! She loves creating unique flavor combos that are simple, rustic, natural, and using florals whenever she can. Find all her delicious sweets here on our site and stay on the look out for Sweets by Victoria at local pop up markets and cafes throughout San Diego.

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